Band: Jono

CD Title: Life

Website:  www.jonotheband.se

Label:  Frontier Records (2017)

Rating:  Like Muse and Queen only Better



Swedish musician Johan Norrby has been rattling around the Swedish music scene for the past few years and here he sets out to start charting his own musical path. Taking the first two letters of his first and last name, Jono has created a masterful album called Life that to my ears takes the best of Muse and Queen and makes it even better! I loved this record, a lot. Putting together a band that includes members of Within Temptation and others, heís crafted an album of ten compositions in the five to seven minute range that bristle with drama and exciting musical transitions. His passionate, even theatrical singing brings a thrilling vibe to the fifty-seven minutes of music. Itís a musical thrill ride that that will have you bouncing in your seat. Chunky, guitar riffs propel hummable melodies up against buzzing synthesizer runs that are supported by majestic choir-like vocal arrangements. Again think of the music of a band like Muse throw in a bunch of Queen Influences and viola you have the general flavor of the music of Jono. You hear hints of those two bands but when all put together it sounds much more impressive and I will say I like the music of Jono much more. He just seems to be prepared to push the compositions into more complex or dramatic territory without falling into the prog metal realms. Instead, that vocal theatricality projects itself into the music as well. Throughout these compositions you have catchy melodic moments that ascend into grand and powerful crescendos all before swiftly switching gears and descending to softer and more thoughtful moments. And itís all pretty much major chord stuff which gives the whole listen a very upbeat feel. I like it, a lot. Highly recommended