Band: Kino

CD Title: Radio Voltaire

Band Website: www.facebook.com/KINObandofficial 

Label: InsideOut Records (2018)

Rating: Some of the Best Melodic Prog on the Planet


It’s hard to believe this is only the second album for the musical outfit known as Kino. Back together from the first release are prime movers John Mitchell and Pete Trewavas assisted this time as a guest, John Beck and newcomer Craig Blundell. The CD is entitled Radio Voltaire and is made up of eleven tracks all seven minutes or less clocking in at a total of fifty-five minutes. Stylistically if you are familiar with Mitchell’s other musical projects such as Frost*, It Bites and Lonely Robot you’ll have a pretty good idea of the sound here on this release. According to Mitchell the intention was to write a little outside the box and infuse some prog with non-prog elements and to that end I think he’s been quite successful. Even so this is some brilliant melodic Prog. Mitchell and Trewavas know how to craft some hummable and engaging melodies and then infuse their music with some well-timed musical change-ups inserted into the tunes to keep listeners on their toes. So while the songs themselves may not be overly long there is a lot going on performance wise, as well as in terms of instrument arrangements. One thing Mitchell is very adept at is creating those dramatic musical “pregnant pauses” where the musical melody builds to a crescendo and then hesitates before completing the musical passage. I absolutely adore that aspect of his compositional approach. I have to come back to those melodies because after a few listens they just burrowed into my brain and I found myself humming many different parts of these songs for days. Excellent musical performance, dynamic production and great compositions, what more do you need to know. This is a stellar “welcome back” release that plays well over and over again. Recommended.