Band: Kevin Lawry

CD Title: The Journey of Regret

Website: https://kevinlawry.bandcamp.com/album/the-journey-of-regret  

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: In spite of any shortcomings there are plenty of great musical ideas on display here


Former Crowned in Earth guitarist Kevin Lawry returns to the scene with a second solo release entitled The Journey of Regret. Once again Lawry has written, performed and produced the entire project and it is in many ways a continuation of his efforts of the previousThe Shadow Stole the Dawn although I would have to say this new release tends to be more committed to the classic seventies symphonic prog sound style. At forty-two minutes of music crafted in four tracks each around ten-minutes long this makes for some fascinating listening. These musical projects tend to be very much from the heart for Lawry and on that point there is a certain mournful, melancholic feel that pervades the music. That’s enhanced with the style of Mellotron sounds he employs, both strings and flutes that are all over these tunes. These are compositions that meander through musical change-ups creating different musical feels to convey a sense of progression. Musically there’s a lot to appreciate here if you are a fan of the early music of bands such as Genesis, Camel or Caravan and while vocals are actually kept to a minimum they remain Lawry’s weak point although they are getting better as he finds his best performance style. I think of someone like Steve Hackett who also took some time to find his voice. All in all I really liked the long, languid feel of these compositions full of classic proggy vibes from beginning to end. Lawry is a really talented guy, with a lot of very tasty musical ideas to say the least.