Band: Kyrant

CD Title: Fall Through Silence

Website: www.kyrant.com  

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Heavy Guitar Crunch Played Really Well



Some time back I had the opportunity to hear the three track sampler from Kyrant and here we go with the band’s first full-length studio effort. Fall Through Silence features a total of eight instrumental compositions including the three from the EP which all clock in at a total of forty-three minutes. By way of review this Danish-Polish trio formed in early 2016, so in that sense they’re a very young band. That said there is a fair-amount of instrument prowess on display here. Most of these compositions are just over five minutes in length and as we heard on the EP, Kyrant brings a heightened level of intensity to their performance. There is a marked level of urgency as these tunes weave their way around ever changing musical riffs. Heavy guitar crunch is built layer upon layer only to rise to a climax and then start all over again with another collection of notes. The overall tone is heavy, just shy of Prog-Metal in my estimation although the guitar sound is gritty and loaded with distortion. However, what I like most about Kyrant is when they leave the heavy riffing aside and float into more introspective, almost trancy or spacey segments. These contrasts provide a nice set-up for the more aggressive aspects of their music. This is when the band is at their best, when we can really appreciate their musical ability. Actually I’d like to see more of that overall as sometimes the music has the tendency to sound just a little bit samey. That was OK for a three song EP, but here on a full album the more varied the compositions can be the better overall the musical package will be. Fans of complex and heavy guitar Prog will likely have a good time with Kyrant. Think of bands like Rush. They haven’t hit “greatness” just yet….but they’re certainly working on it.