Band: Jet Black Sea

CD Title: The Overview Effect

Website:  https://jetblacksea.bandcamp.com/

Label:  Freia Music (2018)

Rating: Their Best Music So Far!



Here we go with album number three, entitled The Overview Effect from the duo of Adrian Jones and Michel Simons otherwise known as Jet Black Sea. This forty-five minute musical experience consists of only three compositions: a short opener and closer are wrapped around the epic thirty-five minute title track and I have to say this is really good stuff! The band’s stylistic approach is based on creating long and involved sonic landscapes that roll up and down layers of instrumentation, guitars, keyboards, sounds, and so on all with the purpose of creating these vast and expansive musical vistas. They like to refer to their music as “dark and experimental” and to a point that’s certainly true. I would tend to call it moody and atmospheric. But there is a lot more going on because out of the ever-present haunting foundation erupt some powerful and dynamic rocking riffs that completely change the song’s emotional quotient. There are actually lots of different musical motifs at play, everything from Bolero styled long and slow musical buildups to repeated tension and release. Vocals make appearances here and there as do the band’s penchant for including spoken-word clips. Just like on their two previous releases Jet Black Sea make music that involves spacey, dreamy Pink Floyd styled compositions manipulating sounds to create layer upon layer evoking yearning moods and stark dream states.  This is music that envelopes you. It places you in a cocoon of electronic and acoustic sounds, claustrophobic one minute but then erupting like a butterfly into these beautiful panoramic musical feels. To my mind this is their best work yet. Recommended.