Band: Lucas Lee featuring Marco Minnemann

CD Title: Lowered Expectations

Website:  www.lucasleemusic.com

Label:  Lucas Lee Music (2018)

Rating: Excellent Instrumental Heavy Prog Fusion



So if my counting is correct Lowered Expectations is album number five for multi-instrumentalist Lucas Lee, once again featuring the drumming talent of Marco Minnemann. The forty-two minute album features six instrumental compositions that are themed around the concept of – lowered expectations resulting from a world that is as Lucas says in the liner notes, obsessed with speculations and endless debates of who or what is “the best.” I couldn’t agree more, since “the best” as Lee points out typically turns out to be simply a preference. Hardly a solid foundation for claiming something to be “the best.” This is a pretty intense set of tunes, virtually all of which clock in at around seven minutes long. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not technically Prog-Metal even though there is plenty of technical instrumental virtuosity inserted into the performance. By that I mean there is more room for the music to breathe here, so when I say intense what I mean is that Lee performs on guitars, bass and keyboards and Minnemann on the drums and it more often than not is a full-on assault with many notes swirling around. Yes there are loads of musical change-ups and shifts in time and tempo as each song goes through any number of stylistic permutations. But when it’s all said and done this is an album of, well, many notes. Lee likes to describe his music as “Instrumental Experimental Progressive Rock Fusion” and it is all of that and as on a previous release I would say Avant-Prog. That means there is a healthy dose of dissonance and angularity present as well. There are times where the music is very loud, aggressive and busy. Then within the same song everything slows down and “space” is inserted into the performance, leaving room for sounds and notes or chords to hang there and breathe. As I stated on a previous release from Lee, it’s intriguing music with much to offer fans who like their Progressive Rock on the Avant Prog side of the musical equation. Hey if you are looking to expand your musical pallet I urge you to check out the music of Lucas Lee.