Band: Laktating Yak

CD Title: Origin of the Yak

Website: https://laktatingyak.bandcamp.com

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Mind-Bending Avant-Prog from Texas


Who knew there was an Avant-Prog/Zeuhl band in Texas! Now Iíve heard everythingÖmy life is complete. Well, seriously it is amazing to me how the Progressive Rock influences permeate the musical world. Origin of the Yak is the first album for the Houston Texas based Laktating Yak a band that proudly and unabashedly proclaims its complex Prog roots. For the uninitiated this is music influenced by Magma, Zappa, Universe Zero and the more modern practitioners like French TV and so forth. Featuring a wide range of instruments including violin and dueling saxophone this thirty-two minute disc is made up of seven instrumental compositions that will at times, test your endurance and then just as quickly bring a crazy grin to your face. I tend to label music like this as challenging because itís full of angularity and dissonance where many times the instruments donít seem to working together but rather are each off doing their own thing. Bass and drums are crashing away, while the guitar is flirting with a repeating soft riff and the other lead instruments come blasting in and out of the musical landscape. Iíve said it before, this music is not for the faint of heart but it is intriguingly satisfying when you make it through the whole piece. Thatís what Avant-Prog is all about isnít it? So there you go. Youíve been warned, but if you are up to the challenge I would urge you to check out Origin of the Yak because it never hurts to push that envelope a little, right?