Band: Lost Crowns

CD Title: Every Night Something Happens

Website: https://lostcrowns.bandcamp.com/

Label: Bad Elephant Music (2019)

Rating: Quite a Spectacular First Time Effort!


Let me preface my comments about the new Lost Crowns album by saying that Avant-Prog music, while challenging to listen to, can bring to the listener a completely different level of musical satisfaction and appreciation. Lost Crowns are a very new band having formed in 2018 made up of members from Stars In Battledress, Knifeworld, North Sea Radio Orchestra, William D Drake band, Prescott and Scritti Politti. Thatís quite a mix of styles and influences and as you might expect the music created on Every Night Something Happens is nothing if not adventurous and challenging. Their music, made up of mostly mid-length songs in the three to five minute range incorporates complex rhythm patterns and counterpoint to the max. Vocals are sung in surprising and unexpected melodic patterns. They never seem to go where you expect them to. All of this is done with the emphasis on minor notes and chords, interspersed with suspended and diminished chords making the music all sound hesitant and expectant. And trust me, there are lots of notes here! (apologies to Emperor Joseph II.) During much of the listening there are on-going back-and-forths between each of the instruments, sometimes in call-and-response fashion and sometimes just building into a cacophonous whirlwind of musical notation. And yet, for all that busy-ness there are some exquisite moments of musical resolution and itís these satisfying elements that will keep you coming back. Fans of bands such as Caravan, Bent Knee and the Cardiacs will be thrilled with this music. Itís the first release from Lost Crowns and wow it sure bodes well for a solid future in the world of Avant-Prog. Recommended to those of you so inclined.