Band: The Medicine Cabinet

CD Title: “And the Frenchman Rolls up His Sleeves”

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2013


This is the debut release from the trio called The Medicine Cabinet based in Cleveland Ohio. These guys have some great ideas and they perform in a style that is all their own. Incorporating elements of early prog and psychedelia their music crosses time and space in more ways than one. 


And the Frenchman Rolls up His Sleeves features seven tracks running a total of 49-minutes and things start off with a haunting synth piece called “Intro” [3:54] that has some great buzzing synths, swooping synths and crying synth in the background, very reminiscent of early Vangelis actually. The guitars come in next with “Miscarriage” [8:33] and then after a series of staccato breaks the song proper starts. There is something very earnest in the music of The Medicine Cabinet. It has a kind of raw energy that reminds me of prog’s early days. Nothing here is really overstated other than the vocals which go from hum-drum, stream of consciousness chanting delivery to an over-aching sense of urgency. The songs are constantly shifting time and tempo; going from one musical riff to another; starting and stopping, but here again the overall feel is old-school but without being directly retro in nature. There is a looseness to the playing that gives the songs a sense of openness and I’m not sure if the recording was intentionally dry but the sound comes off the floor pretty “live.” They’re not afraid to focus on one instrument either as the soft guitar into of “Rainsphere” [12:30] goes on for over two-minutes almost by itself. Listening to The Medicine Cabinet is like hearing an unknown prog band from about 1970, but playing in a style that still sounds 2013. It’s a strange thing and yet I like it.              


It may take a couple of listens to get the feel of The Medicine Cabinet, but it’s well worth the time spent listening. Then again that’s typical of Progressive Rock isn’t it? As a first time effort there is some very engaging music and crafty ideas here and I look forward to future releases.