Band: Miriodor

CD Title: Cobra Fakir

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Label: Cuneiform Records

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Release Date: 2013


When you describe a band as “experimental” there is a tendency to think their music will sound overly strange and yet that hardly applies to the music of Montreal based trio Miriodor. Having been together making music for over 35 years, (how many can say that) they are back in the spotlight with their 8th studio effort entitled Cobra Fakir. Miriodor consists of Bernard Falaise (guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, keyboards), Pascal Globensky (keyboards) and Remi Leclerc (drums). Just to be clear the music onCobra Fakir is indeed experimental but there is much more to it than just that one aspect.


Unlike their last CD, Avanti! Which consisted of longer songs, here on Cobra Fakir the band have created 11 compositions, eight of which are well under five-minutes in length. A little dissonant at times, yes; a little angular at times, yes; a little complex at times, yes.  The music of Miriodor continues to run the gamut from jazzy flourishes to proggy bombast with plenty of quirky niggly bits connecting the elements together. Unusual instrumentation, strange sounds and adventurous compositions are the order of the day. Musically there is no end to the shifts in time and tempo and multi-layered polyrhythms. Over the past 35 years of composing music the band have really developed a unique and refined approach to writing.  Miriodor have this knack of creating music that is atonal one moment and wonderfully melodic the next. Then they consistently mix these two sides of their musical persona together to create music that both, pushes the envelope and satisfies the quest for hummability. The experimental elements are balanced against the tunefulness of each piece and yes it continues to sound overall very upbeat and joyous. Not something you can say about all Avant-Prog music.


I always feel the need to place a disclaimer that RIO or Avant-Prog is not everyone’s cup of tea, but as I’ve said in the past if you are looking to broaden your musical appreciation skills the music of Miriodor is a great place to start. The music on Cobra Fakir is very accomplished and varied and yet never loses the prime directive of melody. I would highly recommend it to prog fans old and new who appreciate their music a little on the edgy side.