Band: No Brain Cell

CD Title: Monuments

Website: www.facebook.com/nobraincellband 

Label: Independent Release (2014)



Hailing out of Greece comes No Brain Cell and their second full length CD entitled Monuments. The photo of the band shows seven members, but a quick count of the musical contributors and you find upwards of thirteen people performing in some capacity. The music has a dark quality on the surface and is styled after bands like Porcupine Tree, where the musical focus and flow is one of creating moving softer moments that are then contrasted by heavier grand crescendos and climaxes. There’s some excellent guitar and keyboard interplay throughout the sixty-two minutes which is made up of nine compositions, some shorter and some longer. There are times where the mood is plaintive, even yearning and then at the drop of a penny the mood changes to grand climaxes of heavy chords. Vocals are delivered in a somewhat dispassionate tone which suits the musical vibe quite nicely, drawing the listener into the compositional web. At times the music of No Brain Cell can be very heavy, take a song like “Man of Silence” [8:36] which is similar in many ways to Porcupine Tree’s style, even to the point of incorporating a filtered vocal delivery similar to Steven Wilson. It’s by no accident that on the band’s initial EP there were two PT covers. Yet the band, two discs on have taken that influence and crafted it cleverly into their other musical influences to come up with a very unique and listenable style. You’ll hear plenty of nice acoustic guitar, some brilliant crunchy electric guitar and even lots of vintage sounding keyboard lines and it all comes together in a very sophisticated fashion. No Brain Cell’s Monuments is a disc I’d recommend you check out especially if you are a PT fan, but even if you are not their musical approach is something that will please prog fans of many stripes.