Band: Napierís Bones

CD Title: Tregeagleís Choice

Website: https://napiersbones.bandcamp.com

Label: Independent Release (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



TreageagleĒs Choice is the sophomore release from the duo of Gordon Midgley and Nathan Jon Tillett who go by the band name: Napierís Bones. The album is composed of nine compositions clocking in at just under and hoursí worth of music that will have immediate appeal to fans of symphonic progressive rock given its reliance on tried and tested elements such as longer compositions, multi-part epics and some vintage keyboard sounds. While much of the album is well-crafted, especially the music which is performed spot-on hearkening back to the days of classic prog, listeners may have trouble appreciating the rougher hewn vocal approach which contrasts greatly with the sweetly melodic music. But then given this is intended to be a story of pain and woe the vocals do tend to give off that vibe. More to the point the duo saw this story as a kind of ďrock-operaĒ where characters motivations and experiences are vocally described and in that regard the vocals do the job well. Specific influences are hard to spot although given the strong folk-ish influence Iím tempted to point to the bands like Gryphon and Jethro Tull although those influences are meshed with grander symphonic sounds that hint at Yes and Genesis. Iíd suggest given the story line of Jan Tregeagle the demon of Cornish legend thereís more than a little Rick Wakeman on display here too. Itís that kind of a disc. Overall given the many classic musical sounds on display I found this album to be a very satisfying listen: if I cringed every-so-often at the vocals, I was more than pleased at their musical and performance approach. Just when I thought of changing the disc Iíd hear something quite stunning or something so captivating that Iíd keep listening. In the end it must be said to be a very satisfying listen.