Band: Ovrfwrd

CD Title: Fantasy Absent Reason

Website: https://soundcloud.com/ovrfwrd

Label: Independent Release (2015)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Itís safe to say there is no sophomore slump here with the second release from the spell-checker befuddling band named Ovrfwrd entitled Fantasy Absent Reason. If you had the opportunity to check out the bandís first release Beyond the Visible Light, youíll have a good idea of what to expect here. Five instrumental compositions all on the longish side, one in fact clocking in at over sixteen-minutes featuring an incredible level of performance and compositional strength. This is music that is full of intricate detail. Expect to hear layers of musical counterpoint as keyboards and guitars play off each otherís strengths. Youíll also experience bone-jarring stops and starts, ecstasy inducing crescendos, and huge swells of music rising to dizzying heights. In amongst all of this is some rather meaty angularity laid up against some rather pleasant melodic pastoral interludes. I think I used up my quota of adjectives, but hopefully you get the picture. My favorite track which seems to encompass all of the above would be ďDust NovaĒ [9:48]; I loved the soft melodic introduction that led into a wonderfully visceral riff that kept repeating with increasing intensity. WoW! These guys create long and involved musical compositions that having no vocals rely solely on the instrumentation and performance to propel the imagery. Thatís the challenge with instrumental music isnít it? How do keep it from sounding samey? Well given the Ovrfwrdís ability to graft in so many different riffs, chops, styles and vibes sounding samey is the least of their issues. Itís a heady blend of musical motifs and they pull it off extremely well. If you missed their first album donít hesitate to grab hold of Fantasy Absent Reason. Highly recommended.