Band: Mystery

CD Title: Delusion Rain

Website: www.therealmystery.com  

Label: Unicorn Digital (2015)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Anytime a band has a change in personnel itís going to impact the sound of that band. You hope the impact is manageable and that it makes a positive impact on the band. Thatís not always the case take for example the Genesis CD Calling All Stations! Iím happy to say that here in the case of Mystery their new vocalist Jean Pageau fills the position quite handily and maintains a distinct, yet familiar feel. Delusion Rain is the Canadian Prog bandís sixth studio release and builds on their anthemic, symphonic prog style established early in their career. Clocking in at sixty-one minutes these six compositions including one nineteen-minute epic all display a maturity and confidence; this is a band that has really found its stride and knows where theyíre going musically. There are many grand musical flourishes, stirring crescendos and stunning climaxes all interspersed with wonderful guitar and keyboard interplay and contrasting electric and acoustic segments. For the most part these are grand compositions, big songs brimming with melody and warmth. The shortest song on the disc is just over six-minutes so you can expect lots of musical change-ups executed smoothly as songs weave in and out of different musical elements. Recurring musical riffs and themes create a familiar feel that I found comforting. As I said, the general feel is grand as songs build in intensity only to subside making way for vocals and then building again. Delusion Rain is one of those albums that I fell in love with the moment I put it on! I knew Iíd like it but I didnít expect to love it that much so quickly. This is a great set of songs, perhaps the best yet so no question, this is highly recommended to all symphonic prog fans.