Band: Maat Lander

CD Title: Dissolved In The Universe

Website: https://maatlander.bandcamp.com/album/dissolved-in-the-universe

Label: Clostridium Records (2016)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5


It’s no secret I’m a fan of Psychedelic music and it seems I’ve been writing a lot about bands from this genre. Well here’s another one. They’re called Maat Lander and their based in Russia. This trio of musicians who in the past have worked with The Re-Stoned and Vespero came together in 2014 and they create an interesting concoction of Psychedelic music that is tinged with electronic audio-scapes and Space Rock as well. The disc is ta total of six tracks coming in at forty-six minutes and if my notes are correct all the music, which is instrumental by the way, was performed live and off the floor with no overdubs. It’s a pretty cool sound too: layers of spacy vibes provide a dreamy background with searing guitar lead lines taking centre stage. At least that’s how it sounds some of the time, like on the opening track “Intro” [4:16] and the first part of “To Johannes Kepler” [10:54]. At other times there’s a distinct Tangerine Dream feel like in “The Comet Rider” [8:11] with its foundational arpeggiated synth rhythmic line. All that changes of course when the drums and guitars come into the mix. Then the sound moves more in the Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles territory. This is music that is full of bubbly electronic sounds meshed with a driving bass and drum rhythm, where the lead guitar takes the place of any vocals. Despite its overtly psychedelic origins I think the music of Maat Lander will have significant appeal to a wide cross section of Progressive Rock fans. The music on Dissolved in the Universe displays many proggy hallmarks with the long compositions changing time, tempo, dynamics and arrangements on a regular basis. It will be familiar territory to say the least. Not to mention these guys have really nice intricate musical ideas and they perform them exceptionally well. Its good stuff. This is music I can certainly recommend to fans of not only Hawkwind but early Pink Floyd as well.