Band: Neal Morse Band

CD Title: Alive Again

Website: www.nealmorse.com  

Label: Radiant Records (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


Let me say right up front – I’m a big Neal Morse fan, so I was quite pleased when Alive Again hit my mail box. This two CD and one DVD set documents The Neal Morse Band’s Spring 2015 tour around the world and does a stellar job in the process. Fans like me will no doubt be familiar with the type of material produced here. The DVD contains an extensive night by night documentary showing the ups and down of being on the road with small portions of performances in different locales. Shot by a variety of folks every member is allowed time to comment about their experiences. In the audio department there are sixteen tracks, four from The Grand Experiment and the rest from the back catalog. There’s even “Harm’s Way” [14:12] from Spock’s Beard included in the set. It’s a nice mix of some short but mostly long compositions including the epic “Alive Again” [34:21]. The performance level is high as these are all master musicians used to playing this type of music; their performance is tight with everyone contributing both instrumentally and vocally to producing some top-notch prog. The set was recorded in The Netherlands and as a live recording the sound is excellent with just enough crowd participation to remind you this wasn’t recorded in the studio. The concert side of the DVD repeats all the audio, visually from the same performance. Towards the end of the disc you get a sense of just how accomplished these guys are as they all trade instruments performing a jam without skipping a beat. If you are familiar with any of Morse’s solo work since leaving Spock’s Beard you will certainly know what to expect on Alive Again. If not, then this would certainly be a perfect introduction to it. As I said, I’m a big fan and I loved every minute of these discs. This is some great Progressive Rock that I highly recommend.