Band: New Sun

CD Title: Transitory

Website: www.new-sun.com  

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5


New Sun has been around since the early nineties and that is certainly a credit to Chris Cooper and the band for sticking to it. Transitory is their fifth album so they arenít exactly the most prolific band out there. Still each of their albums is a delight. Here we have eight compositions ranging anywhere from two and half minutes to almost nine. I have to say the music of New Sun is hard for me to describe in words. As I listen Iím filled with certain feelings or emotions but theyíre a jumble. Cooper and friends create music that incorporates a melodic vibe that is contrasted by angular minor musical motifs, think mixing Kansas with King Crimson. Itís a unique sound thatís been crafted over the years to where they clearly donít sound like anyone else, but rather blends or mixes musical styles into one that is simply the sound of New Sun. And thatís a good thing. Three or four of these compositions also bring together an almost ethnic or Worldbeat vibe that reminded me of some of Peter Gabrielís musical efforts. But again the music may remind me of someone, without ever actually sounding like them. Itís a crafty thing they do. Instrumentally there are lots of acoustic sounds that run throughout the album. These acoustic sounds play nicely against the electric and go a long way to ďsoftenĒ the tone, taking it a few steps back from simply being heavy or aggressive music. Itís actually a long way from that because even though there are a few crunchy riffs here and there theyíre more than balanced by the myriad of other instrumental sounds that pervade these tunes. This is a very satisfying listen in so many ways and would say it contains some of New Sunís most accomplished music on many different levels. I liked it a lot and highly recommend it to old and new fans alike.