Band: Maat Lander / Oresund Space Collective

CD Title: Maat Lander / Oresund Space Collective

Website: https://maatlander.bandcamp.com

Label: Clostridium Records (2016)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5


This is mighty trippy stuff. It is the music of Maat Lander, three guys hailing out of Russia and Oresund Space Collective, eight members with a more international base. Without getting into a “who does what” here, suffice to say this music is some mighty fine space rock. All you really need to know is its two long compositions clocking in at forty-two minutes together. Instrumentally there’s a solid rhythmic foundation that revolves around bass, guitar and drums and then loads of synthesizers piled on top. Sometimes those synth sounds are all you hear and at those times the music delivers it’s most spacey vibe. You feel the effects of weightlessly floating through space and time and then almost without realizing it the psychedelic guitar sounds enter the fray and you are effectively transported back to a time oil-based light shows and wild posters that are impossible to read unless you’ve consumed some questionable substances. Songs ebb and flow, building wave upon wave of sounds before evolving into something more placid. It’s like being on a roller-coaster of sound. One moment we’re listening to some great subdued blues riffs with synth bleeps and burbles wafting in the background all creating a black-light, smoke-filled room effect and then before you know it, we’ve crested the top of the coaster and we’re ready for the ride down and the musical mood is turned up a few notches with the music featuring searing lead guitar lines and pulsating synthesizers and throbbing bottom end rhythms designed to take you through the next musical loops. You get the feeling this music is a living entity as it keeps changing, or evolving over the course of play. What more needs to be said? As a sonic reference point think Tangerine Dream and Hawkwind put in a blender and set on spin. Highly recommended to fans of the Space Rock genre.