Band: Machines Dream

CD Title: Black Science

Website: http://machinesdream.com/

Label:  Independant Release (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



This is album number fiveÖorÖmaybe six, not sure but WOW, what a great release. This newest musical outing for the Canadian based Machines Dream not only covers all the old musical bases but throws in a few new ones as well. Eight compositions half of them over eight-minutes long, fifty-three minutes of music delivers an album that will sound familiar to Pink Floyd and Roger Waters fans. There is a prevailing tone to the music and the vocals that will take you back to those sounds and yet for all that familiarity, instrumental performances show up everywhere that reminds you this is something different, something new. The songs themselves travel in that mid-tempo range which allows for nice, smooth transitions between one vibe to another. What I liked is that there isnít a fear on the part of the band to just pull back and let a song just hang for a bit and be stoked with a lone piano note or two before moving on to the next musical element. These are songs, thematically written to talk about war in human history and as such voice clips or subtle sound effects are inserted here and there. Mesh that with some beautiful ascending guitar chords climaxing in grands musical swells and you have in my books a winner. So while, yes, these are songs, their lyrical structure is pretty much pushed to the limit allowing for dynamic and complex arrangements to win the day. Itís the musical composition that, to my mind comes first and foremost, with the lyrical vision fitting into this structure. What that means is you have some stunning tunes that arenít always predictable in their musical direction. And that to me is a winning combination. Without question this is the bandís best work and hugely satisfying to listen to from beginning to end. If you are at all partial to that Pink Floyd style Iíd bet the farm youíll like the music of Machines Dream as conceived here on Black Science. Recommended.