Band: Machine Mass

CD Title: Plays Hendrix

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/Machine-Mass-406129736074887/

Label:  Moonjune Records (2017)

Rating: Intriguing 2/5



Now this is something completely different. Machine Mass, well known for their jazzy Avant-Prog style tackles the music of Jimi Hendrix. The trio of guitar, drums and keyboards took the opportunity in March of 2016 to go into the studio and put their own slant on the fiftieth anniversary of Hendrix’s first album Are You Experienced. Much of their adventurous musical approach is very much on display as these nine songs will testify. In fact I would challenge Hendrix fans to identify any one of these songs in the first minute or two and I don’t think they’d do very well. The Machine Mass arrangements are oftentimes thick and obtuse, hiding the song’s core melody or riffs making them musical adventures in their own right. It could easily take a few minutes before you can identify the tune and even then, Hendrix’s guitar lines might be played by a keyboard and so on. What you end up with is a very spacey, jazzy, jammy, psychedelic infused fifty nine minutes of music that was performed live, on the studio floor with no overdubs. If the blending of these musical styles sounds appealing to you then I believe you’ll find much to enjoy listening to these reworked Hendrix classics. Machine Mass Plays Hendrix is truly an intriguing experience in its own right.