Band: Mystery

CD Title: Second Home

Website:  www.therealmystery.com  

Label:  Unicorn Digital (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Second Home is the second live album for Canadian Prog band Mystery and while I don’t typically review live albums, this is quite a celebrated release both in terms of musical content and physical packaging. We’re talking about over two-hours of music on twin CD discs along with DVD video of the concert. From a concert standpoint Mystery pulled out all the stops. The performance was recorded at the Netherland’s ProgDreams V festival in Zoelermeer a place the band actually calls its second home, hence the title of this disc. When I say they pulled out all the stops all you have to do is look at the songs included here; three of them are epics over twenty minutes long, two are over fifteen minutes and seven of them are over six minutes. Whew! This is symphonic Progressive Rock at its finest. All the elements of the genre that we love are here; big songs made up of multiple segments that flow into one another, transitioning from grand and stirring swells of music to soft and delicate intimate moments all in the service of the composition. What can I say – it is simply the best. There’s no question in my mind, Mystery have earned the title of Canada’s best symphonic prog band and Second Home is a great showcase of the band’s talents and abilities. Mystery fans everywhere will love everything about this release but if you are one of those who’ve not yet heard the band, you simply must check out this disc. I suspect it will convert you too.