Band: Maat Lander

CD Title: Seasons of Space Ė Book 1

Website:  https://maatlander.bandcamp.com/

Label:  Clostridium Records (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Russian Space Rockers Maat Lander are back with a new release entitled Seasons of Space Ė Book 1 and itís a fine example of best of the genre. Itís a full seventy-nine minutes of music, just about the maximum you can cram onto a CD disc these days. Eleven instrumental compositions, most of them long ones that will have you trippiní in no time. In the interest of full-disclosure, unlike the music of a band like Tangerine Dream, Maat Lander blend their spacy sounds with a more traditional line-up of instruments and yet at times they tend to sound more like Tangerine Dream than they do say a band like Hawkwind. The trio is made up of Arkadiy Fedotov - bass, synth, effects, flute, Ilya Lipkin - electric & acoustic guitars, effects and Ivan Fedotov - drums, wave drum, drum machines, samples. With this release the band have four releases listed on their Bandcamp page however this is actually their second full studio release and it continues the sci-fi story started on The Birth of Maat's Galaxy and the band appear to have every intention of continuing the story on future releases. Not every Space Rock release I hear appeals to me, but I have to say that I am a big fan of the music created by Maat Lander. For me it has the right blend of Progginess and Psychedelia that I can listen to for days. Sometimes they remind me of early Pink Floyd and sometimes they remind me of bands like Omega or early Novalis. In the end itís a unique sound theyíve crafted and I heartily recommend Space Rock fans check out this new release from Maat Lander, Iím sure youíll find much to enjoy.