Band: Operation Mindcrime

CD Title: The New Reality

Website:  www.operationmindcrime.com  

Label:  Frontier Music (2017)

Rating: A Proggy styled gateway record to get you hooked



The New Reality is the third part of the musical trilogy Geoff Tate started back in about 2014 and I have to say itís a disc that quickly won me over. I didnít expect to like it as much as do. Not quite Progressive Metal and yet not really full on Progressive Rock it is a sixty-minute disc of twelve compositions that when weighed together display sixty to seventy percent Prog feel. Just when you think, oh this is just a heavy rock tune something appears that throws you for a loop. Just when you think thereís nothing happening the musical change-ups grab you brain and draw you into the musical story. Seriously it would be such a mistake to simply label this record as Hard Rock, even though a few tunes would easily qualify, because between the instrumental compositions, the dramatic sound effects and musical interludes itís thoroughly engaging and quite captivating. Iíve always liked the tone of Tateís vocals and here he adds a ďDavid BowieĒ feel to his delivery that even fooled my wife! The other thing that won me over was that many if not all of these tracks are connected through sound transitions which ultimately creates a larger musical pallet into which even the uncomplicated tunes fit in place. They become part of the larger musical expression. Thereís actually a lot going on musically and the record is full of grand and powerful ascending and descending musical lines which again speaks to the panoramic feel of The New Reality. Count me as surprised, surprised that I found myself enjoying this disc as much as I did. For that reason Iím going to gingerly recommend Operation Mindcrime to anyone, whoís never listened to them in the past. This may be the proggy gateway record to get you hooked.