Band: Ovrfwrd

CD Title: Occupations of Uninhabited Space

Website: https://soundcloud.com/ovrfwrd

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Some of the BEST instrumental Prog on the planet



The musical world of instrumental prog is not always an easy place to navigate. Sometimes the music veers swiftly into the jazzy fusion realm and other times into the more Avant-garde arena. That’s why I love the instrumental prog of the still spell-checker befuddling band named Ovrfwrd!  These guys put the PROG in instrumental Progressive Rock. Now in the interest of full disclosure this is not a new studio album. It is a new release with eight tracks, five of which are remakes from their first two releases and three new pieces. Still this is great stuff and based on what I’m told is really a kind of “hey remember us” release that is being put out ahead of their third studio album later this year. So let me cheat and borrow a little bit from my other reviews to help describe the music of Ovrfwrd. First off, as I mentioned its Proggy and it’s instrumental from there the music is laced with intricate instrumental detail. We’re treated to layers of musical counterpoint as keyboards and guitars play off each other’s strengths. Song segments go soaring off to great and dizzying heights and then abruptly come back down to complex riffing modes before we get to some bone-jarring stops and starts, ecstasy inducing crescendos, and huge satisfying swells of music. At the same time it’s not all “sweat major notes and chords” as the band inject a healthy dose of minors, diminished and suspended chords all over the place to leave us hanging for the next resolution. These are some of the best long and involved musical prog compositions in my book. If for some strange reason their first two albums escaped your notice check out this interim release. Totally satisfying instrumental Prog that I highly recommend.