Band: Laura Meade

CD Title: Remedium

Website: www.laurameademusic.com 

Label: Doone Records (2018)

Rating: Captivating Theatrical Art-Rock


This is the first solo release for IZZ vocalist Laura Meade. Entitled Remedium we’re treated to ten compositions clocking in at forty-four minutes. Most of these tunes are around three-minutes in length, but there are a couple of longer, eight and eleven minute songs. Meade takes centre stage on vocals and piano and is assisted throughout by musicians from the IZZ family and a few others as well. And it should be no surprise to know these are first and foremost songs of a personal nature. Meade’s background in musical theatre really comes into play as these songs are all very expressive and stylistic allowing for her to really stretch her vocal talents to create music that is first and foremost to my ears displays a strong Art Rock feel with just a few Proggy embellishments. The sound is uniquely her own, as it should be. This music is quite different from the music IZZ makes and yet there are more than a few notes of familiarity, more so on the two longer pieces perhaps, where the tune will go through a number of different permutations. The other songs, only slightly more mainstream still create arty, theatrical atmospheres where the music often goes in unexpected directions and rarely sounds ordinary. I think this is an album that is not only going to appeal to fans of the band IZZ, but perhaps fans who love the Art Rock styled music from artists such as Kate Bush or Tori Amos will also find much to appreciate with Remedium.