Band: The Man from RavCon

CD Title: Another World

Website: www.manfromravcon.com

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Prog-Lite thatís deceptively catchy


Now this is something a little bit different, and at first blush you might be inclined to brush Another Word aside, but given a chance the music of The Man from RavCon has a lot to offer. Hereís the setting, this is the musical efforts of multi-instrumentalist Mike Brown and heís been creating prog inspired music for the last decade or so. Another World may be his most accessible release so far but as you work your way through the nine instrumental tunes the forty-five minutes has many rather catchy elements. It is not unusual to hear influences such as Supertramp, Steely Dan and Kraftwerk rising to the surface but there are plenty of other influences in the mix. First and foremost, I have to say the music here is catchy. It hooks you with some great, well, hooks. But as you work your way through the album the music becomes more and more complex and overtly prog inspired. The Man from RavCon knows how to write some accessible melody lines and he works those into some very groove-laden patterns. Then every so often he departs from that and tickles your brain with some intriguing sounds or musical patterns. The whole project has been called light-hearted and breezy and that really sums up the emotional quotient delivered here. I found myself liking it more and more with each listen. Oh and did I mention one of his favorite instruments is the Mellotron? It shows up all over the place which is perhaps another incentive for Prog fans to give it a few spins. If you choose to give it a chance, I think youíll be rewarded with some excellent musical craftsmanship. Check it out.