Band: The Neal Morse Band

CD Title: The Similitude of a Dream – Live in Tilburg

Website: www.nealmorse.com

Label: Radiant Records (2018)

Rating: A great record performed near perfectly live


It should not be a surprise to Prog fans that we have been graced with a live performance of the latest Neal Morse Band studio recording – The Similitude of a Dream. Nor should we be surprised that the four-disc set also includes a DVD performance of the event. It has become “standard operating procedure” for Morse to release his music in both formats. Some prefer the studio quality and others the live energy. With The Neal Morse Band you get both captured Live in Tilburg 2017. Here on the live set two audio discs are devoted to reproducing the studio set in its entirety and two DVD discs doing the same visually and also adding three long encore tunes: “Momentum”, “Author of Confusion” and “The Call.” These days the quality of live recordings is not too far removed from the studio efforts, so all the things I wrote about this music in my previous review apply here. Plus you get the added element of the live energy. This musical retelling of the classic book Pilgrims Progress bears all the proggy musical hallmarks The Neal Morse Band have become famous for: the music is grand in scope, intricate in its performance, thoughtful in its message and proggy in every way. As I’ve already stated many times, The Neal Morse Band create symphonic prog of the highest order. I gave the studio release of The Similitude of a Dream a five-out-of-five. Here on the live set any missteps or shortcomings in the live performance are greatly outweighed by the completeness of the package itself. Listen to the music or watch the performance – take your pick. Either way there’s a lot of great music to appreciate. Recommended.