Band: Napierís Bones

CD Title: Monuments

Website: https://napiersbones.bandcamp.com

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Album #5 is another solid release!



This is album number five for the British duo of Gordon Midgley and Nathan Jon Tillett who go by the band name: Napierís Bones. This time entitled Monuments, weíre treated to fifty minutes of music built around five tracks including the opening twenty-three minute epic track ďStanding Childe.Ē Over the course of the bandís short history they have crafted a very well defined sound built around their distinctive seventies-styled guitar sound, plenty of Mellotron all punctuated by mellow acoustic musical segments. There are perhaps still faint hints of Rush here and there in the guitar sound but it keeps getting incorporated more and more into the bandís own unique musical vision. The two writers are story-tellers and in that regard thereís more than a little conceptual thread running through the album. The opening ďbig songĒ along with the other four, three of which are still on the longish side, tend to ebb and flow through various proggy stylistic sections, building in intensity, opening up into grand musical swells only to subtly drift into contrasting segments separated by guitar or keyboard solos. As before Napierís Bones have developed a very personal musical style that hearkens back to classic seventies-era style symphonic prog with a heavy touch in places and even incorporating elements of Spaciness as well. Vocally this album will remind listeners of the work of Guy Manning both tonally and at times musically.  Itís all good. Five albums on from their first release Napierís Bones continue moving forward musically refining their style and coming up with captivating and intriguing musical explorations. This is music well worth checking out for sure.