Band: Tim Morse

CD Title: Tim Morse III

Band Website: www.timmorse.com

Label: Cymbalick Music (2018)

Rating: A Very Warm and Engaging Set of Symphonic Prog Tunes


They say: Good things come to those who wait. Well it’s been six years since the last Tim Morse release and here he is back on the music scene with album number three. Much like his two previous releases multi-instrumentalist Morse handles most of the instruments and vocals but this is far from strictly a solo venture as he’s enlisted an additional ten individuals for added solos or vocals. Created to fit neatly on a vinyl release there are seven tunes clocking in at a total of forty-five minutes of music. Other than two somewhat longish compositions the remaining five tunes are in the three to six-minute range and fall quite neatly in the Symphonic Prog style where the music takes it’s time to move through various permutations. Segments are knitted together blending multiple melody lines both vocally and instrumentally. Speaking of which Morse on this release in particular has made a concerted effort to balance the execution of completely composed segments alongside the more improvised keyboard solo segments. This certainly gives a more “off the floor” feel in places. The musical elements all come together in a very balanced fashion and the overall feel is warm and mellow. The vocals are separated by long instrumental passages showcasing plenty of vintage keyboard sounds but also smooth jazzy guitars and even marimba sounds. The music has a pronounced Yes, Rick Wakeman feel in spots, especially in the keyboard styles and song arrangements and will certainly hold much appeal to fans of bands like Glass Hammer and IZZ. As with his previous release,Faithscience, here on III, Morse creates music that is close to his heart and there’s no doubt Symphonic Prog fans will find much to enjoy. Recommended