Band: Maat Lander

CD Title: Seasons of Space – Book 2

Website:  https://maatlander.bandcamp.com/

Label:  Clostridium Records (2018)

Rating: Some of the Finest Space Rock Out there



Russian Space Rockers Maat Lander are back once again Seasons of Space – Book 2 and it focuses on the on-going saga of their namesake - Maat Lander, the fictional eccentric demiurge. Here’s how the band describe it: “…He’d been all around the universe, that’s why he got bored, and the tedium played a dirty trick on him. He decided to discover a micro-world, ‘cause he got tired of gas giants and planetoids. So Maat built a device, which shrunk him to the size of a molecule. A new trip started. Lamentably, on roaming among the particles he got in a jam. It almost cost him his life….” Wow! Okay. That sounds more than a little freaky and the music created here to my mind fits’ the bill nicely mixing trippy rocking Hawkwind-ish music with dreamy, spacey Tangerine Dream-ish electronics to create some of the freshest Space Rock out there. At fifty-six minutesSeasons of Space – Book 2 features nine individual compositions all between seven and nine minutes long. As you listen you discover lots of room to drift along lazily absorbing the multitude of electronic tones, the beeps and burbles, the whoops and swishes, and then you get to slide down the many electric guitar solo helter-skelters. The music builds in freakiness and intensity over and over again then subsides into atmospheric soundscapes so all that instrumental busyness never overtakes the feel of the prime directive. Expect to be treated to lots of instrument sounds and tones, electric, electronic and acoustic, not just the usual suspects. Some parts sound like the soundtrack to the movie Forbidden Planet other parts will bring early Pink Floyd to mind. The journey continues for Maat Lander. Good stuff. Fans of the aforementioned influences will I’m sure find much to enjoy.