Band: Ovrfwrd

CD Title: Blurring the Lines

Website: www.ovrfwrd.com  

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: A Superb Collection of Instrumental Prog



Blurring the Lines is studio album number three for Ovrfrwd not counting the previous outing which was a reissue/remake of earlier material. This time we’re back to all new music and lots of it; twelve instrumental compositions running at just under an hours’ worth of tunes. One of the things I’ve always liked about Ovrfrwd’s music is their method of composition and arrangement. They incorporate a lot of different musical elements but they never stray very far from the Progressive Rock foundation. Another thing I like is how they manage to incorporate new influences and new styles into their prog approach. Here on Blurring the Lines there are a couple tracks that have a strong Psychedelic-Blues feel, others are more Symphonic in nature with layers of dramatic orchestration and some even a little on the experimental side. There’s easily something here to satisfy a wide variety of Prog tastes. And while this is an instrumental album each song has quite a unique sound and feel, which to my mind is an important element of music without vocals. As you might expect there are lots of notes and lots of musicianship on display since there are no vocals to contend with or make space for. Instead we’re treated to some great guitar and keyboard interplay over a solid bass and drum foundation. Songs are full of shifting segments and rhythmic counterpoint boasting all the usual musical elements of minor, diminished and suspended chords all over the place. Even the shorter four-minute pieces have a lot going on. This is music that captures your attention and holds it to the end. It’s a superb addition to their catalog and gets my recommendation.