Band: Numidia

CD Title: Numidia

Website: www.facebook.com/numidiaband    

Label: Independent Release (2019)

Rating: Early Floyd Style that has a Lot Going For It


Numidia is a band from Sydney Australia thatís just starting to make some waves in the Progressive Rock community. This is the quintetís first release. Clocking in at forty-minutes the music of Numidia hearkens back to the early seventies in many ways, displaying influences as far ranging as Pink Floyd and the Allman Brothers. There are six individual compositions on Numidia the shortest being 4:34 and the longest 9:08. The two influences I mentioned are heard on the first two tracks mostly on the guitar front, but also in the way keyboards are incorporated with long sustained chords laid underneath the other instrumentation. On the first track multiple guitars trade licks while a propulsive rhythm rolls underneath. Then on the second track a single lead line reminds me a lot of those early Floyd albums. These influences reappear here and there as the music morphs from one musical motif to another, riffs upon riffs, building in thickness and intensity only to slip away leaving those sustained keyboard lines holding down the fort. There are a few vocals that insert themselves here and there, but mostly itís an album of musical performance that is clearly equal parts Psychedelia sound-wise and Progressive Rock in terms of compositional structure. Trancy, dreamy segments are neatly contrasted by more involving solos and compositional build-ups. This is a very-fine first-time effort with clearly a little something for everyone. The fact is thereís a lot of talent on display on this record which means, I think Numidia is a band to keep an eye on.