Band: Richard Pinhas (with Oren Ambarchi)

CD Title: Tikkun

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Label: Cuneiform Records

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Release Date: 2014


For many musicians, age has a way of mellowing them out and as they grow older they feel less inclined to experiment and push the envelope. That’s certainly not the case with French guitarist Richard Pinhas. From his early days to the present he has consistently sought to create music that stretches the ear of the listener. Such is the music of Tikkun performed with Oren Ambarchi (guitar, loops), Joe Talia (drums, effects), Masami Akita (loops, noise, effects), Duncan Pinhas (sequences, effects, noise) and Eric Borelva (drums). This is a full on sonic assault that will have listeners drifting along on wave after wave of electronic textures.


Tikkun in many respects is a continuation of Pinhas’ current musical approach of creating dense sonic walls of sound featuring subtle guitar solos woven into the dense fabric of electronic loops, sounds and drums. There are essentially three compositions here one clocking in at thirty-minutes, another at twenty-six and the middle track a “short” thirteen-minutes. It doesn’t take long for each tune to build to hyper tension where individual instruments almost lose their distinctive tone and become merely layer upon layer of tonal sound weaving buried melodies in and out of the compositions musical density. The only way to make any sense of music such as this is to start at the beginning because coming in mid-composition is to simply enter a cacophony of sound. At least starting at the beginning you have a chance to listen to the tunes evolving nature which helps ground its musicality. Even then it’s not for the faint of heart.


This is not party music. This is serious music to be listened to attentively and as I’ve said before while it’s not my “cup of tea”, I marvel at what Pinhas and partners are able to create. It’s certainly not something that can be done without some serious knowledge of sound and instrument. This is likely not for fans of Symphonic Prog or even Prog Metal, but if you enjoy your Progressive Rock on the fringes Tikkun will be quite satisfying on any number of levels.