Band: Plurima Mundi

CD Title: Percorsi

Website: www.facebook.com/massimiliano.monopoli.1

Label: BTF Records (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Percorsi is the second studio release for the Italian sextet known as Plurima Mundi and as Italian symphonic prog goes this is a great set of compositions. Not counting the ďsingle editĒ fifth track, the albumís four primary compositions come in at just under forty minutes allowing for each tune to be long, involved and quite complex in structure, arrangement and performance. Right off the top itís worth noting that one of the primary lead instruments here is the electric violin and as a result sound wise there is some similarity to the complex aspects of Darryl Way and early Curved Air. The other element that hit me was that the only keyboard listed was piano. Not having those other sounds places a unique focus on the instruments that are there. Overall the music of Plurima Mundi incorporates healthy doses of Jazz and Classical into the Prog style and wraps it all up with a classic Italian symphonic approach, where nothing stays the same for very long. The music builds on short themes and riffs and is often drifting off in one direction before being pulled off in another. Every-so-often there are moments of Celtic feels inserted as well which tends to add yet another layer of complexity to the bandís music. Itís ever changing with a female vocalist offering up an operatic tone to the music. Plurima Mundi formed way back in 2004 and itís been a full eight years since their first release, so they are hardly prolific, but what they miss in quantity, they certainly make up for in quality. Everything about this release exudes a classic symphonic progressive rock sound. Fans of bands such as PFM, Banco et al should sit up and take note. This is without question an easy recommendation to fans of the symphonic genre. Check it out.