Band: Panther & C

CD Title: Il Giusto Equilibrio

Website:  http://blackwidow.it

Label:  Black Widow Records (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



The Italian quintet known as Panther & C came together way back in 2003 but at the time and for a good portion of their early musical career made a living by being a ďcoverĒ band playing other peopleís music. The decision was made to start making their own music and in 2015 they released their first original album entitled LíEpoca di un Altro and now here in 2017 they have created a second studio release entitled Il Giusto Equilibrio. Iím going to go out on a limb and suggest that all those years of playing covers live has greatly contributed to the bandís performance and compositional abilities. They seem very comfortable crafting symphonically complex compositions, three of which are well over ten-minutes long. This is a wonderful mix of everything I like about Italian prog without getting overly intricate and everything I like about modern symphonic prog that manages to retain a quirky sense of complexity. Itís the best of both worlds. In fact the mix of guitars, keyboards and flute seem just about perfect. Itís the flute actually that brings out the bandís more romantic nature. As a sonic reference think about Wind and Wuthering era Genesis mixed with classic Locanda Della Fate. The music is soft and delicate one minute, full of pretty melodies that then transition into jazzy flavoured prog rock rhythms. Songs start and stop, go fast, then slow, then speed up once again. It all goes to keeping us entranced as to where the music will go next. Keyboard runs are sprinkled everywhere providing the perfect contrast to the guitar runs. Thereís even plenty of Mellotron angelic choir sounds! This is wonderful stuff and I highly recommend it to symphonic prog fans everywhere. You really have to check these guys out.