Band: Podd

CD Title: Cosmic Forces

Website:  www.poddmusic.com

Label:  Independent Release (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Let’s see, how can I put this, Podd is a band made up of four musically-educated and instrumentally skilled artists who love to throw themselves into their craft. The music on Cosmic Forces, ten instrumental compositions, fifty-one minutes of music is a whirlwind of instrumental virtuosity. You get the feeling these guys really love to play or jam together and while I was reminded of the Canadian band Talisma just a little bit. Shorter songs with lots going on. With compositions ranging anywhere from as short as three-minutes to one just over seven, the music of Podd is a force of nature, replete with never ending musical shifts in time, tempo and dynamics and all the while the rhythm section maintains a pretty solid groove. As we go through the songs you hear influences such as classical and jazz rear their heads here and there interspersed by ever changing guitar and keyboard solos. The instrument sounds of both leads tend to reflect both new and old giving off a hint of nostalgia sound-wise and it’s not a bad thing. In fact it’s those “retro” sounds that solidly ground the music of Podd in the Progressive Rock genre. Given its instrumental nature there will be some who would file this under Jazz-Fusion but I think, while that’s certainly an aspect of the music, there’s more of a rock vibe happening overall. Great performances and great ideas come together on Cosmic Forces and it’s a very satisfying listen. New music from a band calledPodd – check’em out.