Band: Jordan Rudess & Steve Horelick

CD Title: Intersonic

Website:  http://www.lazybones.com/artists/jordan-rudess-steve-horelick-electric

Label: Lazy Bones Recordings (2017)

Rating: Mesmerizing



I suppose if I’m honest with myself (and I always try to be honest with myself)  I was not prepared for what this album sounds like. And I mean that in a good way. At first blush…I expected something more traditional or perhaps even heavy. Instead Intersonic is softer, spacey, Classical and electronic all rolled into one. The end result of these eleven compositions is quite mesmerizing as each piece is ever changing, as if drifting along some astral plane to some undisclosed destination. This organic approach is aided by the fact these tunes were all performed live. The approach is outlined in the promo material and talks about each artist responding to the other to complete the loop. I like how they put it – “Keys are pressed.  We listen.  Knobs are turned.  We respond.” There is an unexpected blending of both acoustic and electronic sounds, woven together in an extemporaneous fashion that creates hypnotic melodies that are short and every-changing but still capture your attention. Its music that is spacious, sometimes only a synth line or a piano solo but coming together time and again to shape something musical that is larger and grander. Odd sounds and dramatic electronic punctuations are inserted here and there as if to jar the listener back to reality. It is quite stunning. Very much in the style of a soundtrack or score to a spacey sci-fi movie that hasn’t yet been made. And again it’s all being performed live, improvisational. Amazing stuff. If your love of Prog leans to the electronic or spacey side of things that is then peppered with large doses of classically styled piano this is a must pick up. Not what I expected. It was way better. Recommended.