Band: Ryan Parmenter

CD Title: One of a Different Color

Website: www.ryanparmenter.com

Label: Split Difference Records (2018)

Rating:Art Rock at its most exuberant


If you remember the Detroit based Prog band Eyestrings you will be familiar with the music ofRyan Parmenter. The last time I listened to Ryanís music was when he released the solo album The Noble Knave, a very different, perhaps simpler musical affair. Here heís back to his old tricks with One of a Different Color. Weíre treated to ten compositions, four of which tend to be on the longish side. Itís a varied mix of feels here with the overriding mood being haunting, quirky, moody and even hypnotic. While some of these songs follow a familiar pattern of composition, others are simple rhythmic patterns that build in intensity in a Bolero-like fashion with repeating lyrical lines. Tonally there are hints of the bands like Sparks and XTC that pop up from time to time and then a couple times the harmonies and vocal arrangements remind be of Brian Wilsonís work. Lots of quirky, arty, falsetto goings-on permeate the discís fifty-nine minutes. The music is, and I mean this in the nicest way, oddball with unusual sounds coming in out of left-field or vocals that become all encompassing. One of a Different Color is Art Rock at its most exuberant. Parmenter has taken his lyrical and musical ideas and thrown them against the studio walls and in Jackson Pollack style has created some mesmerizing compositions that, for all their oddness are totally captivating and get more so with each successive listen. Itís totally unique and I recommend you check it out.