Band: Perfect Beings

CD Title: Vier

Website: www.perfectbeingsband.com

Label: InsideOut Music (2018)

Rating: Third times a charm, Vier is breathtaking



With this, their third release, Los Angeles Prog band Perfect Beings have made a complete transition into the world of symphonic prog. While their previous two releases tended to highlight more of an Art-Rock approach to their musical composition, with Vier they have pushed their composing skills and crafted four long multi-part compositions that sound simply spectacular. This time around the band’s lighter, artier aspect is neatly subsumed into these longer epics. So Art-Rock is still an aspect of Perfect Beings musical pallet but they’ve clearly demonstrated their ability to incorporate those melodic, arty elements into grand scale music. For the record the seventy-three minutes of music on Vier is made up of the four part “Guedra” [18:23], the four part “The Golden Arc” [16:47], the five part “Vibrational” [18:17] and lastly the five part “Anunnaki” [19:10]. If you are like me you’ll love the 10CC and Beatle touches that still manage to show up here and there, but in truth Vier has much more in common with classic YES than anything else, especially the complex  instrument arrangements and even some of the guitar sounds. It gives off that same grand scale vibe and symphonic Prog adventurousness. It just sounds so good because just when you think it starts to sound too sweet, in comes a smooth sax solo or some other dynamic musical contrast that ends up balancing everything out. As I said last time, Perfect Beings know how to write some magical Progressive Rock that is satisfying in so many ways. Vier demonstrates that old cliché, third times a charm. It’s a breathtaking release with so much to enjoy. Highly recommended.