Band: Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project

CD Title: For the Light

Website:  https://rozmainskymikhaylovproject.bandcamp.com/album/for-the-light  

Label: ArtBeat Music (2017)

Rating: Highly inventive instrumental sound pieces



Coming from a time where Omega was one of the few Prog bands to emerge from behind the Iron Curtain, I continue to be amazed and surprised at how much Prog music there is to appreciate now coming out of that part of the world. Take for example this release For the Light from the Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project. Let me just borrow from their media release: It is the new Russian supergroup including musicians from various prog and prog-related Russian bands – Yojo, Algabas, Enine, Roz Vitalis, KGB etc. It is named "in honor" of the main composers - keyboard player Ivan Rozmainsky and guitar player Vladimir Mikhaylov…The style is almost instrumental Eclectic Prog combining avant-prog, sympho-prog, psychedelic rock and improvisational music. Boy that sure summarizes the overall sound created here quite nicely. At just under fifty-minutes there are eleven instrumental musical pieces anywhere from two to five minutes. The only long track is the ten-minute title track. Still there’s some very intriguing and adventurous music going on here. These all come off as kind of experimental musical soundscapes with many of them starting musically one way but ending in a completely different manner. In fact, more often than not they sound like unfinished bits of music that were intended to be worked into longer and larger compositions. Then again that is the nature of experimental music – it attempts to defy convention and let’s just say “convention” was thrown out the window here. Be that as it may, there is much to appreciate with the music on For the Light, not least of which is that it keeps you on your musical toes. Inserted into all that experimental music are some great sounds and pleasing musical interludes. All together it’s a highly inventive musical exercise that I’m sure will appeal to Prog fans who like their music to be unpredictable and adventurous.