Band: Pinn Dropp

CD Title: Re: Verse, Re: Treat, Re: Unite

Band Website: https://pinndropp.bandcamp.com/releases

Label: Independent Release (2017)

Rating: Brilliant Symphonic Prog Sound


As I see it, there are some bands that really “get” the Progressive Rock genre. You know that old cliché about Prog; you’ll know it when you hear it? Well listen to this teaser EP from the Polish band Pinn Dropp and you’ll know it. This is a thirty minute sample of music that is destined to come out on their full-length CD later this year. The first track “Kingdom of Silence” [4:54] is the most mainstream of the three tracks and there’s even a shorter radio edit of the track included as a bonus. But it’s the two main tracks that grabbed my attention and brought a big smile to my face. They are “Unresolved” [10:12] and “Cyclothymia” [14:28]. Stylistically Pinn Dropp create long compositions that have a strong Genesis feel with hints of YES and early Marillion here and there. The guitar sounds bounce back and forth between sounding like Steve Hackett and Steve Howe. That said, Pinn Dropp take those influences and add a very modern feel to their music. It’s also interesting to me because even though these are long songs they come off as being very connected and fluid rather than long songs made up of connected segments. There is a thematic and melodic flow to these songs. These guys really know how to write effectively and perform tightly. Fans of classic British-styled symphonic prog will find much to enjoy with the music of Pinn Dropp as all the key sound signatures of the genre are on full majestic display here. This being just a sample I’m really looking forward to that full album. Recommended.