Band: Fernando Perdomo

CD Title: Out to Sea

Website: www.fernandoperdomo.com 

Label: Cherry Red (2018)

Rating: A very proggy guitar album bathed in nostalgia


Out to Sea is the first solo release from Los Angeles based producer, singer/song-writer and multi-instrumentalistFernando Perdomo. Gaining prominence in the Progressive Rock community as the guitarist of the highly acclaimed Dave Kerzner Band, Perdomo has chosen a selection of tunes that represent his influences, his inspirations and perhaps his musical guitar loves. Nine instrumental compositions, each as different as night and day, offer up a total of forty-eight minutes of music. As he says in the liner notes:  “This record is a tribute to the sounds that made me the person and musician I am today.” That said it will make sense to know that most of these tunes while original all betray a distinct guitar sound and performance style that hearkens back to some of Perdomo’s heroes. Songs are listed as “tributes” to guitarists like Peter Banks, Focus, Nektar, Curved Air and John Wetton. And it is uncanny how precisely Perdomo’s guitar performance mirrors the essence of each of those bands or artists in their hey-day. This is one of the more unique guitar solo albums as it avoids the trap of having everything sound the same with different notes. Perdomo offers up a wide range of different sounds and styles that show how chameleon like his guitar playing truly is. And the other thing he avoids is falling into a jazzy-fusion performance niche where it’s just about playing lots of notes. Instead he stays squarely in the Prog realm and that means fans of Prog guitar should really love this disc. Hey if you like the guitar you hear on Dave Kerzners’ records…well I’m sure you’ll love Out to Sea.