Band: Regal Worm

CD Title: Pig Views

Band Website: www.regalworm.com

Label: Quatermass Records (2018)

Rating: Wonderfully Classic Old-School Prog


Here we have the third release of Regal Worm’s initially proposed trilogy and its entitled Pig Views. This is a project that started when multi-instrumentalist Jarrod Gosling purchased a classic Mellotron 400 back in 2005. Using that instrument along with a host of other vintage keyboards as well as some other like-minded musicians he’s created a series of discs that hearken back to musical sounds created by band’s like early King Crimson, Cressida, England, Camel et al. Bands that liked to put that Mellotron up-front and centre. Mixing fifty percent classic latter day psychedelia with fifty percent classic early Prog and you end up with a musical approach that is both fresh and new but also full of nostalgic vibes. Pig Views features sixty minutes of relatively complex and intricate music, some sound effects and general strangeness into eleven selections, two of which are listed as bonus tracks. These compositions are as short as one minute and as long as fifteen, with a smattering of everything in between. Once again we hear music that “reeks” of sixties era Pop-Rock stretched out in some crazy and experimental ways. It’s stylistically “retro” all the while pushing the envelope incorporating rhythmic counterpoint as well as trumpet or sax solos. It’s not unusual to go from something very sixties sounding, to something a little more angular brimming briefly with dissonance. Fortunately for my ears the melodic side usually wins out. As before the Mellotron shows up everywhere on this disc and could easily be called the lead instrument. If you enjoy the music of the bands mentioned above, well, this is a disc made just for you. I thoroughly enjoyed it. More fascinating music from a fascinating band. Recommended.