Band: Pineapple Thief

CD Title: Dissolution

Band Website: www.thepineapplethief.com

Label: KSCOPE Records (2018)

Rating: This is a Modern-Prog Winner


I fell in love with the music of Pineapple Thief with the release of Someone Here is Missing but I must admit that Iíve not always loved every release. Some have left me cold. However this new release, Dissolution, to my ears is a winner. This is album number thirteen for the rather prolific Pineapple Thief and it features nine tunes all clocking in at a vinyl sized forty-three minutes. Itís a pretty easy listen from front to back. There has always been a hint of that Porcupine Tree style in Bruce Soordís musical approach and once again that shows itself here and Iím throwing that out there in a good way. His musical approach just reminds me a lot of Steven Wilsonís, style where the music is all soft and moody one moment before quickly building to guitar crushing riffs that propel the tune to the next musical change-up. The music is a fascinating blend of intense modern hard-edged prog and grand almost symphonic moments although again as I listen to these seven compositions Iím hearing a lot more softer, dreamier, ethereal segments this time around. Perhaps thatís why the well-crafted louder moments come off so dramatically pleasing. Throughout the disc, weíre treated to haunting moments punctuated by pleading melodies all wrapped up in both acoustic and electric guitars and unusual sounds. Everything weaves together to make for some tight tension and release. This music is powerful one moment and dreamily hesitant the next. Someone Here is Missing got my highest recommendation (for what thatís worth) and I have to say Dissolution is a brilliant companion to that disc and gets yet another recommendation from me.