Band: Pohja Konn

CD Title: Pohja Konn

Website: https://pohjakonn.bandcamp.com/releases

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Classic Symphonic Prog with hints of early YES



This is quite an exciting release. It originally came out in 2016 but I was just made aware of it. The band is Estonian and originally formed in 2009 before going silent in 2011. Then as their media release says:“Out of the blue in 2015 came an invitation from the Estonian Writers’ Association to produce and release an album, setting classic Estonian 20th Century poetry to rock music in the progressive idiom of this exciting new band.” While the band did release this material on vinyl, this is their first self-titled CD and it features eleven tracks running out to just under an hours’ worth of music. While most of these tunes are under six-minutes long you would never know it. This is a group of skilled musicians packing in boat-loads of proggy musicality into each composition. The style and sound hearkens back solidly to early YES whether that be in certain instrument sounds or compositional approach. Here I’m talking about the sound of the bass guitar, keyboard approach and arrangements. Think of early YES, those first two albums had they gone a little more proggy than they already were. So in that sense the music is certainly reflective of seventies prog and yet it still manages to sound fresh and every bit contemporary. Singing in their native tongue these songs are brimming with catchy melodies that are supported by complex and ever changing musical embellishment. This is an album brimming with the classic symphonic Progressive Rock style that is a joy to listen to. These guys have a lot of talent and they seem to really have a love of the genre. I sure hope they keep making music like this. Highly recommended.