Band: ReFrame

CD Title: Reaching Revery

Website: https://www.reverbnation.com/reachingrevery

Label: Reverb Nation (2018)

Rating: Some Really Fine Prog-Influenced Tunes



I was contacted by guitarist Phil Berger about his latest musical project ReFrame whoíve just released their first studio album entitled Reaching Revery. A very loose history of Bergerís career takes the path of bandís including Phoenix Down, then a one-off called Surge and now ReFrame a band that is identified as hailing out of Nashville Tennessee but is actually based in a number of locations. The internet can be a very handy thing for transferring files and sending in your parts. Not that you would notice it listening to the eleven tunes here on this seventy-seven minute disc. This is music that sits comfortably alongside the more proggy releases from Styx, Magnum, Rush and even a band like Angel.  Not quite Prog-Metal but certainly heavy prog, at times anyway. I say ďat timesĒ because there are many segments that focus on softer more delicate instrumental parts that lend a profound contrast to those heavier moments, all making for a very satisfying heavy prog experience. The guitar takes centre stage in the bandís sound, leaving keyboards in very much a support role. So in that regard mixing some acoustic guitar into the mix is a good thing because it gives ReFrame a sonic depth that to my ears is pleasing. Over half of these compositions are over seven minutes in length so when you combine some great guitar riffs with a driving rhythm section knocking off some inventive musical passages and then insert a hint of tasty keyboards, well it comes together to make for some really fine prog-influenced listening. The other thing is these are very good songs, good harmonies and great melodies, which again elevates the music overall. Fans of the bandís mentioned above along with fans of heavier prog and Prog Metal will find much to enjoy listening to Reaching Revery.