Band: Pinn Dropp

CD Title: Perfectly Flawed

Website: https://pinndropp.bandcamp.com/releases

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: This Debut Features Some Brilliant Symphonic Prog!


Let me start off by repeating what I said in the review of Pinn Dropp’s first EP release: there are some bands that really “get” the Progressive Rock genre. Well here we are and their first full-length studio album is available for us to relish in. Coming in at a full seventy-one minutes Perfectly Flawed features seven compositions, three from the band’s earlier EP and then over forty minutes of new music including the epic twenty-minute title track that displays everything we’ve come to love about Prog. Stylistically Pinn Dropp comes from the mid-period Genesis era and as such their music has all the hallmarks of modern styled Symphonic Prog. There’s even a bit of YES present as the guitar sounds and playing style alternate from Steve Howe to Steve Hackett. That said in the end all those early influences have been fully incorporated and developed to become the band’s own signature approach to the Prog genre. Compositions feature multiple musical segments stitched together in a manner that hits all the right Prog points. I said it before but I really get the feeling these four guys really understand what Progressive Rock is all about. Pinn Dropp is a band that will fit very nicely on your shelf alongside not only Genesis but others like Spock’s Beard and IQ. Perfectly Flawed is anything but flawed. To my mind Pinn Dropp has not only hit all the right notes, but all the right chords as well. This is a winning modern Symphonic Prog album that I highly recommend you check out.