Band: Tides From Nebula

CD Title: Eternal Movement

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Label: Long Branch Records

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Release Date: 2013


I’ve seen Tides From Nebula grouped into the post-metal group and it’s puzzling to me since the music they play is pretty much straight forward symphonic prog with a slight edge to it. There was one review I read someplace that used the term at least 6 times almost as if the reviewer was trying to convince everyone that if he used the term enough, everyone would believe it. Strange? But really I heard nothing quite so out-there. Its possible their earlier work falls into the post-metal or post-rock zone but I certainly wouldn’t put this release there. Eternal Movement is their third studio album from this Polish band and I’ll say right off the top it’s a great sounding disc. The band is made up of Adam Waleszynski (guitar), Maciej Karbowski (guitar, keyboards, piano), Przemek Weglowski (bass) and Tomasz Stolowski (drums)


Eternal Movement features eight tracks, six of which are in the five-minute range with two longer compositions. The music is all instrumental with plenty of sweeping crescendos and grand climaxes. Tunes will start off with a series of huge riffs before moving into more delicate territory and then return to the core melody or theme before moving into the next segment or song. They vacillate between precise, delicate and intricate to an over-the-top big sound. The guitars are played in multiple arpeggio fashion, building a complex web of musical ideas. All of that is knitted together by the dynamic rhythm section of bass and drums that move the songs forward, headlong down a certain path before bringing things to an abrupt musical-change-up halt. Being that these are instrumental tracks we get to hear a load of musicianship as everyone is playing in the spotlight never having to take a back-seat to vocals so the sounds we hear are in fact meant as multiple lead lines. The amazing thing is that it never gets mundane, boring or just noodling….I never got the feeling there were too many notes because the band take every opportunity to pull back allow single notes to resonate pleasantly. All the while there is distinct, driving energy running through these compositions that is absolutely infections.


Tides From Nebula has been quoted as saying this album is “energetic, full of hope and light.” And that really comes across. The fact they used more guitars and keyboards than ever before really shines through. There is a vague similarity music wise to bands like Spock’s Beard or Presto Ballet. This is an amazing record that I loved every time I put it on. Highly recommended to prog fans of all stripes but especially you symphonic types who enjoy a nice solid guitar riff every once in a while. Eternal Movement is wonderful stuff!