Band: Syzygy

CD Title: Cosmos & Chaos Ė 20th Anniversary Compendium

Website: www.syzygymusic.com    

Label: Independent Release (2014)



Not known for being overly prolific, some would say the band Syzygy have maintained their presence in the Prog world by emphasizing quality rather than quantity. True or not, thereís no question fans eagerly await the bandís every release, even when itís a re-release such as this one. Then again the promo material for Cosmos and Chaos 20th Anniversary Compendium does say itís: Remastered, Reperformed, Reaaranged AND Rediscovered. All of the above is true. All of the tracks from the original release back in 1993 have been placed in a different order, an order that emphasizes soft and quiet more solo oriented material at the front and getting louder, busier and more symphonic as we work through the sixteen mostly instrumental compositions. This was the bandís first CD release and it showed a heavy classical influence in their prog style, but even with that small melodies pop up everywhere. With that influence itís not surprising the bandís genre style is symphonic progressive rock. And their approach is one of many stops, starts and quirky musical maneuvers, especially when all the band members are involved. Complex instrumental interplay opens up to grand flourishes which then subside into more involved solo musicianship and then itís back to large swells of music. Truth is if you didnít know this was a reissue it would be impossible to tell from just listening. The only clues might be the sound of some of the four bonus tracks recorded in 1984 and 2010, but even here you would likely have to have a good handle on the bandís back catalog to notice itís age.  Nicely repackaged, for fans of symphonic prog this is a great addition to the library. In almost every respect itís better than having the original. Great stuff.