Band: State Urge

CD Title: Confrontation

Website: www.stateurge.com

Label: Lynx Music (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



This is album number 2 from Polish Prog-Rockers State Urge. Confrontation is composed of eight tracks ranging in length anywhere from the opening title track’s 4:00 to the closing “More” at 10:12. Not quite taking the more aggressive Prog-Metal route these four guys rock hard none-the-less. Each tune is made up of distinct musical segments that are knitted together giving the music a varied quality as it never stays in the same place for very long. Along the way they build some wonderfully inventive musical crescendos and climaxes and even have time for little jazzy interludes adding yet another interesting layer to their music. In some cases the shorter tracks slide into one another making for a grander scale of composition. Never afraid of pulling the music back significantly, State Urge manage to inject a very dramatic dynamic that emphasizes both the soft and loud segments of each tune all of which helps the band avoid sounding like a rock band simply injecting some proggy embellishments. Instead State Urge come across as a band truly interested in writing music that represents Progressive Rock all the while never shying away from the rock foundation. They do this not only with their adventurous arrangements but also with ever changing rhythms and drum patterns. Given that the band write song based compositions there is quite a lot of instrumental performance here as they manage to leave plenty of room for their musicianship to be on full display. Musical reference points might be a mix of Arena and Galahad. As a sophomore effort Confrontation is a major musical leap forward for State Urge and clearly shows them embracing the more complex aspects of the Progressive Rock genre into their musical performance.